Meet Stefanie Taylor


Stefanie Taylor

Meet Stefanie Taylor

Since I was a little girl, I've known the pride of doing something on my own. I was raised to believe women can do and become anything. With my mom at the helm of the family business, this was the life I lived. Which is why a spirit of entrepreneurialism combined with strong determination and hard work runs deep to my core and is such a large part of who I am.

As a woman, juggling is what I do. Constantly shifting between mom, wife, daughter, friend, and business woman is the only world I know. At times, life feels almost too immense to navigate. Like all of us strong women must do, I choose to wake up and give it my all. I am fearlessly devoted to innovation, encased in thoughtful leadership, and advancing with my team towards our common goals.

To sparkle is our nature

To sparkle is our nature

Our brand was created to give each of you a reason to put two feet on the floor and embrace the world each and every day. To face these challenges with one another, to inspire, empower, and achieve. To bring my lifetime of experience in this industry to make a difference. Not just making beautiful accessories, but allowing each and every woman wherever she is to find her beautiful. To take comfort in the personalities we possess when we sparkle—playful, sophisticated, joyous, unapologetic.

To keep it all real and remind me always of what is most important, I named this brand after the two little muses in my life, my sons Zachary and Jax.

Rhode Island

ZAXIE takes pride in being a Rhode Island company where our family roots were planted in the accessory industry three generations ago. We continue to honor the region by hiring local top talent and by providing mentorship programs to help our employees thrive.


When we reflect back, we give back. One of our core values is supporting causes we feel passionate about. I created The Stefanie Taylor Fund to give back to all those who deserve to shine in their own right.

I believe

Every accessory should be as individual as you are. As perfect and incessantly fun.

In ZAXIE being a lively exciting shopping destination.

In ZAXIE being there for every event you live. Every moment that’s meaningful.

Every woman deserves beautiful.

That’s why we’re zaxie.