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    At ZAXIE, we believe that when you give back, you get back! Making a positive impact on the life of a human being is such a rewarding experience. This month, we are proud to support HeroBox, a community driven organization that is powered by the generosity of others. HeroBox connects volunteers with deployed service members in need of our physical and moral support.

    We sponsored two heroes: Stephanie and Allen. Working together as a team, we were able to get them every item on their wish-list : toiletries and other necessities, hand sanitizer, stationary and envelopes, books, and so much more! 

    This was the perfect opportunity for everyone to take a break from the day-to-day hustle and come together and support something so meaningful. We were all excited to show our love and appreciation to our amazing veterans for their hard work and dedication.

    Allen was so happy to receive his Herobox. "It's the little things that really count!" He says. Thank you to Allen, Stephanie and all of our heroes for your hard work and service. 

    Get involved! Visit HeroBox to learn more. 



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