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    Never Forget

    On the 17th anniversary of the September 11th tragedy, we remember and reflect with powerful words from our founder, Stefanie Taylor.

    "I lived in NYC on 9/11/2001 and like many, will never forget this day. NYC was my home at the time and still is a second home today as the location of our ZAXIE showroom. My husband (boyfriend at the time) is a longshoreman and then worked out of the ports of Newark. The sound of his voice on the phone before we lost contact as he watched the events go down was one I will also always remember.

    He was unsure like so many what was happening and if he would be safe. We lost contact via phone shortly after the second plane hit as all New York and most North New Jersey lines went down that day and would remain down for days after. We were lucky to gain contact again, but so many others were not so lucky. 

    Although this is without a doubt one of the most horrific events our country has faced, our country and our city of New York could not and can not be taken down. There resides some of the strongest people in the universe that had to pick themselves up from horrible loss and tragedy and fight another day.

    Today we recognize those who were lost, the families directly affected by the events, and all of the heros that tirelessly stood strong together during and after the tragedy. 

    We say “never forget “ and I know I will not, but seventeen years ago thousands of people had no idea how life would change on this day. In the words of Jim Cobb: “tomorrow is promised to no one. Take nothing and no one for granted. Tell him or her that you love them. Forget the diet and eat the cookie. Laugh. Cry. Scream. Go for a walk. Do something nice for someone. Let someone do something nice for you. Stop waiting for something to happen. Get off your ass and enjoy life. While you’re at it help someone else enjoy their life as well."



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