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    ​Meet our Founder: Stefanie Taylor

    Excuse us while we spend a moment or two gushing about our fabulous founder and CEO. Not only is she a kick-a*s businesswoman, but she’s a passionate leader, a caring mother, wife, and daughter. With a mission to help every woman find their beautiful, she built the ZAXIE brand to inspire, encourage, and empower woman to shine in every moment that’s meaningful.

    She never fails at a little sparkle, and a whole lot of humor into our lives. We decided to ask her a few questions so you can get to know her as well! We couldn’t be more excited for you to meet her.

    If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title would be?

    "On a Mission to Make the World Sparkle"

    How do you start each day on a positive note?

    "Every morning before I get out of bed I literally give myself a pep talk. Talking to yourself in third person sounds strange, I know, but it works! I think about the day ahead and all of the positive things that will come out of it. I remind myself that no matter how tired I am it always feels better to get up, get moving and make some posititive impact. Once I’m out of bed, look out world because I don’t stop until I crash!"

    You’re stranded on a desert island: what are your three must-haves?

    "Water - I drink so much water! Wine, definitely wine, and my family - I could not live without them. If my husband was there, I'd leave him in charge of finding food and shelter for us - he’s pretty scrappy like that!" 

    Who is your favorite style muse?

    "It’s always been Marilyn Monroe. I did a History Day report on her in 7thgrade - I've loved fashion from day one. Although, these days I'm in awe of JLo! How does that woman look so good?! She gets better with age and her style rocks. Definitely an inspiration to all women out there." 

    Describe your life using only movie titles. 

    "Well if we are referring to my house with two boys aged 9 and 5, Jurrasic Park comes to mind because that’s what it sounds like every morning! Some days, I would say The Good the Bad and the Ugly and Groundhog Day. Definitely The Terminal - with the amount of traveling I do, I feel like I was literally in this movie several times. Some days definitely feel like The Hangover, Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Pursuit of Happiness, too."

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