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    #IntheMoment with Stefanie Taylor

    As a CEO, mother, wife, and more, Stefanie Taylor is constantly juggling her multiple roles. Through it all, she keeps herself grounded with her most important values : family, friends, fun and fabulousness! 

    Her sense of humor, zest for life, and passion for giving to those around her inspired us to sit down with her for an of-the-moment Q&A.

    If you could go anywhere in the universe for one day, where would you go?

    My favorite place is the Ocean House in Watch Hill. It’s not far from home but I never pass up a chance to spend time there!

    Using one word, how would you describe your family?


    If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would they be?

    What’s your favorite food, what are my kids doing when I’m not looking, and why do you scratch my furniture!”

    If you could make a rule for a day and everyone had to follow it, what would it be?

    “Everyone must help at least three people with something they really need!”

    If you were a pair of shoes, what kind would you be?

    Gucci heels, of course - Italian, comfortable, classic and stylish!”

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