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    ​Fall-Styling 101 with Jenna Colgrove

    As summer comes to an end and we transition towards the much-anticipated sweater weather, it’s time for a wardrobe revamp. But there’s no need to completely ditch your everyday favorites.

    With a little help from fashion and lifestyle blogger, Jenna Colgrove of Visions of Vogue, we’re sharing our top tips and tricks for transitioning your summer style into Fall as easily as possible.

    Layer Up

    Fall happens to be the perfect season for layering. Not ready to get rid of your favorite summer dress? No worries – simply pair with a light cardigan layered on top or rock a slim turtle neck underneath. A colorful summer dress can also be paired with black leggings or dark booties to make your outfit pop.

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    Our favorite layering hack : stackable rings! Jenna’s personal favorite: the Heat Waves Ring Set.“These pieces never leave my nightstand because I wear them everyday,” Jenna shares. 

    Heat Waves Ring Set

    Each ring has a variety of both dainty and statement-making elements that complement one another – like stunningpavé and semiprecious stones. This ring set is a must-have to any fashionista’s accessory collection.

    Mix and Match

    Experimenting with different colors, prints, and textures is fun and easy. The beginning of the fall, temperature is ideal for light, soft fabrics that can be layered with thicker, warmer materials on cool evenings. 


    Colors such as terracotta, brown, and mauve are perfect for Fall and can compliment a pretty floral print and of course – fierce animal print.

    Our favorite thing to mix and match : metals! For a look that’s unique yet chic, we love mixing gold, silver, and rose gold. Jenna Colgrove loves to mix and match this bangle set to create her own one of a kind look depending on the occasion, but she finds them especially perfect for date night! 

    B*tch Better Have My Bangles

    “They’re just easy. There are quite a few bracelets that come in the stack so I mix and match what I wear and on what arm I wear them on!”

    Finish every look with something classic.

    When it comes to building your fall wardrobe, opt for timeless over trendy. For Fall, our favorite everyday look might consist of a flattering skinny jean,an easy to layer tee, an open cardigan. These essentials are the building blocks to any cute outfit. We love polishing off this simple look with timelessly wearable pieces like a blanket scarf or a suede bootie.

    Exotic Goddess Earrings

    Jenna’s accessory staple – shimmering earrings that draw the eye. Her personal favorite : the Exotic Goddess Earrings.“The style is just so romantic and classic. Seriously – they look incredibly in person!”

    And of course, a little sparkle…

    After all, the best looks have a little bit of sheen. Metallic pops of gold and silver can compliment any look – whether it be a shiny sneaker, a pleated skirt, or tote.

    Pull It Together Threader Earrings

    When it comes to jewelry, Jenna swears by these threader earrings to complete every day to night look, “The illusion of a floating gemstone is just so elegant. Plus, the fact that they’re threaded through your ear is just visually stunning.”

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